OB Van 2

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OB Van 2 and Satellite,  up to 8 HD cameras.

separated VTR and sound rooms.

size:  8.9m X 2.5m X 3.8m. stairs 1.1m

Various and exclusive lenses: 4 tele lenses x70, 2 tele lenses x55, 2 wide lenses x33 and wide lenses x4.5

Monitor wall

Top view

Tech Spech


Camera capacity Up to 8 CamerasSony HSC-300HITACHI SK-HD1000 , an addition of various and exclusive lenses: 4 tele lenses x70, 2 tele lenses x55, 2 wide lenses x33 and wide lenses x4.5
superslow camera Hitachi SK HD 1500 (HD)
Wireless camera Hitachi SK 1000 (HD)
Video mixer Ross Carbonite II 2 ME24 Inputs - 8 Outputs4 DME
video matrix Black Magic video hub 40x40 HD/SD
monitors 10X24" split-screens including computed sources names
VTR recording direct to-file adapted for editing on a HPZ-8206 workstation
VTR SD Beta SX Beta Digital
VTR HD SONY HDCAM M2000 XDCAM PDW-F75 XDCAM PDW-1500 AJA Kipro disk recorder
Disk recorders Replay system 2XOrad Playmaker HD6 recording tracks share/ export/ import to file DVCPRO HDGVG PDR200 x1 profile Elephant controller3 recording channels / superslow recording
Framestore 2xHD/SD AJA FS2 1xSD LEITCH


intercom 24x24 6 Internal and 2 External panel ports up to 6 Talents IFB
line-intercom 2W Interface with 3 beltpacks
wireless intercom Telex BTR 800 Dual Channe with 3 beltpacks
Audio mixing desk Allen & Heath iLive Digital Mixing System with 64 analog inputs and 32 Mix Busses iLive t112 Control Surface with 28 faders 2 External Stage Boxes with Up to 32 Inputs and 16 Outputs. More upon request
Monitoring 2xBerringer monitors
Microphones Sennheiser, Shure, Audio technica, Berringer, Mipro
IFB system Wireless IFB systems by Comtek and Mipro
Communication ISDN Codec AEQ Eagle 4 Telephone Hybrid
Dolby DP571 Dolby E encoder DP572 Dolby E encoder


teleprompter Autoscript system using Winplus software up to 3 17" mirrors
UPS system:20KVA
In case of power faliure

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